about me.

Hi, Im Nolan! Your next favorite hire. Ive spent countless hours working on my programming, both front end and backend (languages proficiency broken up on GitHub) in order to follow my aspirations to be a computer scientist and engineer! I'm currently attending UCCS pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in computer engineering-- This is where I plan to spend most of my college career at! I am, however, pursuing a career in Japan. Im currently 18 years old, but don't let that deter you from choosing me, because I'm an above average programmer. I work great by myself or with a team. I've worked on many personal projects and have tutored many of my peers. Email me with any inquiries, or use my contact email down below!

I never stop pursuing knowledge. It may be another programming language or it may be creating a cutting board for my mother, but either way- I enjoy it. I work my hardest to perfect my skills. I am motivated by photography, music, and my idol: Elon Musk (of course). I am an above average student, finishing the last semester of highschool with a 4.14 GPA. With me on your team, our client's dreams are sure to come true!